Thursday, July 29, 2010

Really irritated...

So I haven't been on here in a while and I've been majorly slacking. I know I've got to step it up and make changes and that is so much easier said than done. My last few weigh ins have brought no real change which is why I haven't posted. Much like today I am only down half a pound. To me it isn't enough to be worth mentioning.

I went to the doctor this past Saturday and had blood work done. My doctor checked my cholesterol and my glucose. The results weren't good. I had eaten breakfast on the way to the doctor so I am fairly certain that weighed heavily (no pun intended) on the results. My glucose came back as 130. That right there requires me to fast and go back for more blood work. I am going back for that in two days. Cholesterol was 204. It should be under 200 but really I'd like it to be less than that. My good cholesterol was 38. My bad cholesterol was 122 which should be under 100 and my triglycerides were 219 and they should be under 150. Talk about bad news. When I go to the doctor in a few days I will be addressing those results as well. It was really an eye opener. I must stop eating fattening foods. I don't want to die especially not from heart disease at such a young age. I am only 25, 26 soon and I have a child I want to see grown and grow.

Now to why I am so irritated... The last two mornings I have been walking with a family member before getting ready for work. Well when I was in to see the doctor she suggested riding my bike. She feels this would be a good exercise for me because I can't get my speed up, my heart rate up and it won't be as hard on my joints since I am carrying all this extra weight. Sooo, I suggest riding bikes this morning while at dinner last night. When I made the suggestion to my family member she said she would do it but I could tell she really wasn't that into it. I didn't push the subject since she said she would. Well the morning is here now and she isn't going to ride her bike because it is still a little bit dark. It is getting lighter as I write this. I knew she would flake out. Really pisses me off. Well I didn't want to walk today and she did so I asked another family member to walk with her so she didn't have to go alone. Now I won't be doing my morning exercise because I have no sitter for my little one. Next I will just say "I'm still going to go. I have to do this for myself." I am ranting and rambling but I figured that's what blogs are for.

That's all for now,

Sassy Rae

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