Saturday, June 5, 2010

Already going down hill...

So it became apparent to me yesterday that I am an emotional eater.

I feel like things hit the fan with a friend and I don't know if our friendship will ever be the same. That's what I get for making a comment I thought was funny. Next time I will just keep my mouth shut.

After all the stuff with my friend, I wanted to eat my favorite foods. It made my stomach hurt.

So... I ended up eating my dinner meal for lunch and will have my meal bar for dinner which is fine given its Friday and that tends to be "Fend For Yourself Night".

My portions were not right and I ended up having extra carbs that I shouldn't have had but I will get back on track. I failed this meal but I will start over.

How lame is it that on day two I flubbed? I really suck I suppose.

After this, it is clear to me that I MUST do something other than eating when my emotions run high.

That's all for now,

Sassy Rae

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