Monday, June 7, 2010

Wanting to eat.. And feeling lame.

If you read my first post you saw that the way I was eating was outrageous to put it nicely. Way too much food is what it was.

Well this plan I'm on until late August is very different than how I was eating and my body is adjusting. During this period of adjustment I have felt hungry on more than one occasion and I feel pretty lame that I want to eat real food. When I say real food I guess I mean my favorite foods that got me to my overweight state in the first place.

I am eating real food. Its just hard because this transition is tough. I do not do my actual weigh in until Thursday but given my serious flop over the entire weekend I weighed myself this morning to see I was down three pounds putting me at a weight of 297. Gross, huh? That should be motivation enough to stop eating crap.

That's all for now,

Sassy Rae

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